DAL Agro Park Co. attended 3rd Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable which was held in Nur-Sultan (Formerly Astana) on 17 May 2019

Mr. Demircan Köse, the CEO of DAL Agro Park Co. has shared his experiences and ideas as a speaker in 3rd Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable

The Event, led by Askar Mamin, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has become a trusted platform for an open dialogue between the Kazakh Government and the international investment community.

Senior executives from manufacturing, agro-industry, financial services, chemicals, mining and metallurgy, alternative energy and clean tech, infrastructure, logistics, and digital industries, as well as financiers, private equity investors and those from financial and professional services firms gathered in 8 panel sessions.

Mr. Köse contributed to the panel themed “The Trade and Investment Dividend of Kazakhstan’s Multi-Vector Diplomacy” along with important figures such as Beibut Atamkulov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Igor Nechaev, Head of MCC, EuroChem, Ulf Schneider, Founder and CEO, Schneider Group. He emphasized the success of the Kazakhstan in international relations and business attractiveness in a world of increasing tensions, then urged international investors for further collaboration with the Country.